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of Celeb Porn Star

First of all, we appreciate you taking the time to allow us to interview you.
Now let’s get down and nasty. Lol.

DM: Where are you originally from?
MARIAH: Los Angeles - The Valley actually

DM: How Long Have you been in this industry as a porn star?
MARIAH: since 9 days after my 18th birthday January 9 1998

DM: What made you choose this as a career?
MARIAH: Originally it was money and I thought it was cool to think of myself being in magazines and movies

DM: Is it safe to say that you are comfortable with yourself sexually?

DM: Who did you use to watch in pornos before you became a Porn Star?
MARIAH: never. I didn't even have a clue the reach and the global industry it is

DM: Who do you watch now that you’re a Porn Star?
MARIAH: Lol no one. it makes it impossible

DM: (3 Part Question)
What was your first scene like?, Who was it with?, What positions and new experiences did you try?
 MARIAH: It was weird and exciting. it was with Ed Powers for Dirty Debutantes

DM: What was your best scene and with who?
MARIAH: I have a lot of great scenes. The scene with Mike Steffano for Round Mounds of Ass was really fucking hot

DM: Any current projects going on? If so,  What and with who? you mean "with whom" don't you?
MARIAH::) I have a lot of projects. I opened a webcam studio in London in May. I started a production company Mariah Milano Worldwide, Inc this year and have several scenes I'm waiting to release. I have an online comic called Pornstar Vampire that goes with a full feature DVD release with a preview  I also own and operate 77 sites as well as my own Affiliate Program   So, do I have enough going on?

DM: Have you ever tried Anal? If so, How was it and would you ever do it again?
MARIAH:  I did a few very limited anal scenes back in the 90s without any success and didn't like it. I did my first full on anal scene last year for Jules Jordan and got into it. But honestly, pussy is way better than anal for both parties...if the pussy is good that is.

DM: What are your turn ons and turn offs?
MARIAH: I fucking hate when people assume I'm a whore, because I'm not. I have never once in my life fucked or sucked or jerked anyone off for a gift or a dollar or anything else off camera. I love confidence but I hate arrogance. I hate that "Baller / Playa" bullshit. If you gotta say it, you ain't got it.

DM: Who would you like to work with next in your next shoot?
MARIAH: I don't have anyone I look forward to working with. I like working for certain companies but none I actually look forward to. I am going back to London again in a month and I am looking forward to shooting over there for Killergram, which I have never shot for before.

DM: Do you own any toys? If so, what kinds and how often do you use them?
MARIAH: I own probably 100 toys. My favorite is the Hitachi Magic Wand which I have owned since 2000 long before all these other girls even heard of it! I also love my Sybian.

DM: What was the most public place you’ve had sex?
MARIAH: In an alley on Melrose ave in plain site of people on a Saturday afternoon in the summer. My point is that it was packed. It was for

DM: Giving Oral or Getting Oral?
MARIAH:  Giving without question. I am known for it

DM: What can we expect from you in the future?
MARIAH: Many many things. I just bought a condo in Bimini which is an outer island in the Bahamas. I am planning to shoot there a lot. I also hear rumors I am being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame this year. We'll see.

DM: What is your twitter so that our readers can follow you?

Do you have a site? If so, what is the link address?
MARIAH: my main site is

DM: Well again, Thank You for taking the time to do this interview with us here at DEVINE MAGAZINE. Make sure you follow us on twitter and tell your followers to do the same.
MARIAH: My pleasure :)

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