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Monday December 28th WE MARCH!! 
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I need everyone to come out and March. The reason the Black Communities are dying is because many of us are too busy hiding. Many of us are too busy being comfortable with out limited rights. Many of us choose money over the lives of our brothers and sisters. Next time the hashtag and march could be for you or someone in your family. Do Not wait till then. Before the New Year Begins, show the world that we can be United and that we are a Proud People. Prove the Supremacists that We Are Not Afraid and that It Stops Today!! March to stop the systematic corruption and murder of our people NOW!!

BRING YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS. Let Your Children See that We Shall and Can Overcome!! Let them see the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., Vernon Jones, Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, etc. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter

All Organizations, All Anons, All the People and Business Owners of All Communities, come out in Solidarity.

The Ugly Cover Up of Yvette Smith's murder by Bastrop Sheriff Dept as reported by Shaun King.

On February 16, 2014, Yvette Smith, a 47-year-old mother beloved by her family and community, was shot twice by an AR-15 assault rifle and killed on the spot by local police as she opened the front door of her home. A full 18 months later, as her case finally came before a jury, it's disturbingly clear that the police lied, repeatedly, in an attempt to cover up their murder of Smith.

First off, Smith called 911 for help because two men in her home were arguing over a financial dispute and she felt it was getting out of hand. She had nothing to do with the dispute and was an innocent bystander—a victim, even. When the police showed up, both men were already in the front yard and it appeared that the dispute was settled. This should've been case closed, but it wasn't.

When Smith opened the front door of her home, she was shot twice with a high-powered .223 caliber rifle in less than two seconds by Officer Daniel Willis of Bastrop County, Texas, outside of Austin.

The lies and the coverup began immediately. The entire department was involved.

As you may have seen, police not only claimed that Smith emerged from the home with a firearm, they stated that she ignored police commands. In essence, Smith came out of that house, according to police, ready to bring hellfire and damnation on police and they acted out in self-defense from an incredibly dangerous woman.

This is a lie. A complete fabrication. When Sheriff Terry Pickering issued the statement, he was fully and completely aware that Yvette Smith wasn't armed. No weapon was found on or near her. He knew this. The officers on the scene knew this, but Sheriff Pickering issued that statement anyway. It sounded better.

Knowing that the evidence and scores of eyewitnesses saw that she was unarmed,police later retracted the statement, but have given absolutely no answers or held anyone responsible for the earlier lie—which was the primary reason given for shooting Smith in the first place.

It may be hard to believe, but the lies get worse—much worse.

As you saw in the initial statement released by police, they claimed that Smith ignored their commands. On September 17, in open court, we learned that this was also an elaborate lie told to justify police misconduct.
> Deputy Scott Gaskamp, who arrived at the scene just moments before the shooting, had told investigators and written reports stating that they had ordered Smith to show them her hands, to open the door and come out of the house, Gaskamp testified Thursday.
> Recordings of the incident showed no commands were ever issued.

When pressed to explain this in court, Officer Gaskamp literally admitted that he made the whole damn thing up. He also stated that he couldn't remember telling this lie to the lead investigator, until they played him the recorded interview where he stated the lie over and over again.
> Gaskamp told the court he never amended any of his reports or came forward to investigators to correct his errors. After reviewing the dashboard camera footage caught from his patrol vehicle and Willis’ vehicle, he realized his written reports were wrong and that he had never told Smith to put her hands up or issued any other command.
> “I did not say those words. It must have been a figment of my imagination,” Gaskamp said.

Are you tracking this? Let me summarize it for you . . .

Yvette Smith called 911 for help.

She opened the front door of her home and was almost instantly shot twice by police with an AR-15 assault rifle.

The officers on the scene lied and said she was armed.

The supervising officer doubled down on the lie and spread it in a press release.

The officers then lied and said they made multiple commands that Smith ignored, but the dashcam footage shows that none of those commands were made. Not one of them.

The coverup continued . . .

> A few weeks after the shooting, an investigation by BCSO revealed that several supervisors had modified Willis’ field training records after the shooting in an effort to make sure the records were completed accurately. A lieutenant and a sergeant were demoted to patrol deputy and five additional supervisors also faced disciplinary action because of the record changes.

Lastly, and this may be the most disturbing fact of all, it was discovered that the officer who shot and killed Smith was found incompetent by another police department.

> Before working for Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office, Willis, 29, was employed by Travis County. A Travis County 2012 evaluation of Willis stated that Willis needed more development in handling explosive situations and in the utilization of common sense.

Yes, you read that correctly: The damn evaluation said the police officer who killed Yvette Smith struggled with "common sense," but was hired by a neighboring department anyway.

While Officer Willis has been charged in Smith's death, it is increasingly clear that the entire Bastrop County Sheriff's Office conspired to protect one another and cover up this crime. All of them should be immediately fired and a statewide investigation needs to be launched into the corrupt actions that we can clearly see in the murder of Yvette Smith.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tamir Rice: Was Not Reaching for Toy Gun when Shot Dead by Police, Report Says

"CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Tamir Rice had his hands in his jacket pockets and never reached for the airsoft pellet gun that was tucked in his waistband when a Cleveland police officer fatally shot him, according to a report released late Friday from an expert in biomechanics and kinetics.
The new report also concluded that the 12-year-old boy's toy gun was not visible to officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, and that Loehmann opened fire less than one second after exiting the patrol car.
Jesse L. Wobrock, an expert hired by attorneys representing the Rice family in a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and the city of Cleveland, wrote that Tamir had no time to remove his hands from his pockets or hear a warning from police before he was shot.
Wobrock holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the UCLA and has testified as an expert more than 100 times, according to his bio. He formed his conclusions after studying enhanced video released last week by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty as well as numerous investigatory files that have been released in the case.
Cleveland attorney Subodh Chandra released the report late Friday along with updated reports by two other experts, who also studied the enhanced video and maintain their original positions that the shooting of Tamir was not reasonable.
Wobrock concluded Tamir did not have enough time to react to any verbal commands before Loehmann shot him.
'The scientific analysis and timing involved do not support any claim that there was a meaningful exchange between officer Loehmann and Tamir Rice, before [Tamir] was shot,' Wobrock said.
Wobrock's report challenges analysis offered by the prosecutor's office when the enhanced video was released. The enhanced video was released as a series of stills, with notes on several frames. One still included a note saying Tamir moved his right arm toward his waist immediately before the shooting. Tamir was actually putting his hands in his pockets, Wobrock said.
Wobrock concluded that Tamir raised his right arm in a 'defensive-type position' a split-second before Loehmann opened fire.
'This defensive-type movement causes his jacket to move upward and to the right, which is consistent with the location of the bullet hole in his outer jacket, compared to his abdominal wound,' Wobrock said.
The report also concluded that Loehmann shot Tamir less than one second after he exited the police car, not the 1.7 seconds that other experts have found. Loehmann likely drew his gun before he exited the police car because less than one second is 'simply not enough time' to draw a gun, aim and fire, Wobrock said.
'Based on the timing of this event, Tamir Rice did not have enough time to perceive and react to any verbal commands, which is exemplified by the fact that his right hand was still in his jacket pocket at the time he was shot,' Wobrock said."

Thursday, October 29, 2015

(Full Story) violent south carolina classroom arrest: ‘I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking’

violent classroom arrest: 
‘I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking’

Tony Robinson Jr., the student who recorded the arrest in a South Carolina classroom in which a school officer flipped over a desk and dragged a teenage girl across the floor, said that he and the other students were terrified as they watched what happened.

Robinson said that an administrator had been called into the room after a girl was on her computer and took out her phone and refused to give her phone up to a teacher who asked for it.

“She really hadn’t done anything wrong,” Robinson said. “She said that she had took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second.” Although the girl did not comply with demands for the phone, she did apologize.

When the officer, Ben Fields, arrived in the class, Robinson knew something was wrong. Fields asked Robinson’s friend to move a desk, closed the girl’s computer, and then moved the computer to another desk.

“When I saw what was about to happen my immediate first thing to think is let me get this on camera. This is going to be something that not only I’m I going to be like ‘wow did this really happened at my class’ but just something that everybody else needs to see. This is something that we can’t let this just pass by,” Robinson said.

“He asked her again, ‘will you move, will you move.’  She said ‘no I have not done anything wrong.; Then he said I’m going to treat you fairly. And she said ‘I don’t even know who you are.. And that is where it started right there.”

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South Carolina Officer that beat up Student: FIRED #BlackLivesMatter

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Authorities in South Carolina will announce on Wednesday that Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields, the officer shown on video throwing a student to the ground inside a classroom, will be fired, according to NBC News.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott will speak at a news conference at 12 p.m. ET on Wednesday where he will announce Fields has been relieved of his duties.

Fields is the Spring Valley High School resource officer whose actions Monday were recorded by students and ignited a firestorm on social media. Among the criticisms: his admitted use of “muscling techniques” to get the student out of her chair.

But that’s only one part of the story. Federal investigators have gotten involved. Another student arrested from the classroom has spoken out. And the sheriff is criticizing a South Carolina law that he says muddles the role of school resource officers.

Sheriff: The student hit the officer

At least three videos have surfaced of the violent arrest at Spring Valley High School. The sheriff said one of the videos shows the girl attacking the officer before the arrest.

“When the officer puts his hands on her initially, she reaches up and she pops the officer with her fist,” he said.

Still, after watching all the footage, Lott told reporters that he “wanted to throw up.”

“There’s no justification for some of his actions,” the sheriff told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” on Tuesday night.

The videos show the officer standing over the student, seated at her desk. He puts his arm near her neck, then yanks her backward. The desk, which is attached to her chair, tips over; the student crashes backward onto the floor.

But Fields didn’t let go, lifting her slightly off the ground. She flies out of her desk and slides several feet across the floor.

Conflicting reports on injuries

Sheriff’s department spokesman Lt. Curtis Wilson said there were no reports of any injuries. And the sheriff said he did not believe the girl was seriously hurt.

“To my knowledge, she wasn’t injured whatsoever,” Lott said. “She might have had a rug burn or something like that, but she was not injured.”

But Todd Rutherford, the student’s attorney, said his client now has to wear a cast on her arm.

The girl also suffered a bruise on her head, her attorney said.

Student: It started with a cell phone

The 16-year-old girl who was taken to the ground was arrested on a charge called “disturbing schools.” A classmate, Niya Kenny, 18, was also arrested on the same charge.

Kenny told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday night the incident started when her math teacher told the other girl to give up her cell phone. The girl refused and defied orders from the teacher and an administrator to leave the classroom.

That’s when Fields was called in, Kenny said. The school resource officer asked the girl to leave the classroom with him.

Kenny said the offer moved the girl’s laptop off her desk.

“He grabbed her arm, and he put his arm around her neck at first. So that’s why you actually see her — if you get the right video — then you’ll see her trying to swing at him,” Kenny said.

“And at that point, he just flipped the desk back and grabbed her out of it and threw her. And that’s when you see her rolling across the floor.”

Kenny said she and other classmates had their cell phones recording because of the officer’s reputation.

“When he came in the classroom, I immediately told my classmates, ‘Get your phones out, get your phones out. I think this is going to go downhill.’ And it did.”

Her attorney, Simone Martin, said she’s been told “by a number of the students that he is referred to as Officer Slam as opposed to Officer Fields. And that’s telling.”

Kenny was arrested and accused of disturbing school after yelling and cursing at the officer, according to an incident report.

Civil rights investigation

The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office have opened a civil rights investigation to determine whether federal laws were violated during the student’s arrest, a Justice Department representative said.

The sheriff said the FBI is also to be the lead agency in a criminal investigation.

“We do not want any issues with the community or those involved having questions concerning conflicts of interest in this investigation,” he said.

Analyst: Officer within his rights

CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck cautioned against jumping to conclusions about Fields, even if the footage “looks really bad.”

If an officer decides to make an arrest, he or she “can use whatever force is necessary,” said Houck, a retired New York police detective.

“So if you don’t comply with my wishes,” he said, “then I can do whatever it takes to get you out of that seat and put handcuffs on you.”

Sheriff criticizes law on disrupting school

Houck said the officer shouldn’t have been called in to deal with the student in the first place.

“Too often, these teachers in these schools are calling on the cops because they have a disruptive student in the classroom,” he said. “This is not a cop’s job.”

But South Carolina has a law that muddles the role of school resource officers, the sheriff said.

“Unfortunately, our Legislature passed a law that’s called ‘disturbing schools,’ ” he said.

“If a student disturbs school — and that’s a wide range of activities, ‘disturbing schools’ — they can be arrested. Our goal has always been to see what we can do without arresting the kids. We don’t need to arrest these students. We need to keep them in schools.”

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Does Mariah Carey have a new Lover?

Grammy Award Singer Mariah Carey was seen hugged up last night at 1 Oak in Las Vegas for her concert wrap up party with Dj Suss One from New York Radio Station Power 105.1.
Looks like Mimi has a new boo. 
We wonder what Nick Cannon has to say about this after being admitted to a hospital recently due to a flare up of his auto immune disease "Lupus".
What do you think?

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