Friday, June 25, 2010


Lights off
Candles lit
“12 Play” playing in the background

12 o’ clock booty call
Close your eyes
As I lick you up and down

The fire is lit in the fireplace
Baby don’t say a word

With each stroke of my tongue on your clit
You feel above the world

“68” “69”
Each numeral a meaning
When I penetrate
You let out a cry
Not of pain
But of deep pleasure
With your juices gleaming

Don’t say a word
Just lay there
I will take away all your worries you have endured
I will give you what you have longed for

You hold on to the sheets
Your toes curl
As I watch you continuously climax
Back arched
Aura as flawless as a pearl

When you think you are done
The big one comes into play

This causes your body to explode
Feeling like the 4th of July
You look at me with those cat-like eyes

Biting on your lip
Asking me for more
I do what I am here for

I give you the pleasure all over again
This time I add a trick or two
This time your body will never touch the ground
You will live with that eternal bliss
Your mind will be stuck on Cloud 9 after this

I’ve given you satisfaction
that will wipe away the worry of life’s corruption

Only I
Again, Only I
Can deliver this SEDUCTION


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