Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Although violent crimes continue to fall nationally, crimes against and involving children is becoming a major issue and topic of discussion in America. After an exceptionally violent summer in Chicago, IL, the issue of violence and the safety of today’s youth has become a pressing topic of importance.

After interviewing a panel of teenagers and parents, on the issue of youth violence, the state of children and possible solutions and to the issue were discussed. When asked what adds to the increasing number of children murdering children, Jada Spears, a stay at home mom of St. Louis, MO, said “Their mentality, environment, and how they are brought up. A child feeling as though ‘this is the only way for me’ is a major problem with children today. Lindsay Marsh, a college student in Akron, OH expressed “broken homes, the lack of both parents being around, and children being more exposed to violence and situations they should not have to deal with at such a young age also adds to violence in children today”. Although the answers varied from question to question, the underlying trend throughout the panel was that parents were to blame for the state of children today.

When discussing solutions to this issue, Kandise Jones of Kent, OH, said, “The best solution would be more discipline, because I feel that when a child is properly disciplined they turn out better. The way you are raised plays a huge part on what kind of adult you will be”.

The panel was positive and productive in pinpointing problems dealing with children and violent crimes, but all of this is irrelevant if no action will be made. Anyone can make a difference in a child’s life, even if it’s simply being a good role model for someone. Children are impressionable, and should be raised with guidance and care.

Spears fittingly closed the panel by stating, “One thing that I wish all children would learn is that they have a purpose, and they’re not here for any reason. Everyone’s life has meaning.”

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