Monday, November 29, 2010


1. How would you describe your music in three words?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I would Describe my Music Its Urban, Hip-Hop , and Dance able .
2. Who are your top five producers of all time?

Top 5
1. Popeezy from Fly Crew
2. Missy Elliot
4. Swizz Beats
5.Dr. Dre

3. What sets you apart from other female rappers out now?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I'm different from other Female rappers because of my Unique style, I don't sound like I'm from one set area , which opens up for me to Rap over any type of Hip-hop beat and its Hard to find a Voice like mine, and I'm more of an Urban Rapper.
4. What is your favorite part of the music process, and why? (Writing, recording, performing, etc.)

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I would Have to say Performing , because it gives me a chance to actually show my Skill, because I may sound one way in the studio but when I'm on stage I'm able to give Full energy to my work, Because a lot of times artist are studio artists and when they get on stage to perform they sound nothing like themselves, but in my Case I come stronger, plus the crowds reactions Helps keep me Motivated.
5. Who is the most influential and inspirational person in your life and why?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I would Have to Say my parents because they are my Biggest fans , if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be as motivated, my parents make sure I keep my head up and never stop pursuing my dreams , my Mom she can talk me into everything, she makes sure I'm there to my shows on time, and my dad he makes sure all my music is set up just right , so I would most definitely have to say my Parents , but Music Wise I have a whole List and Number one would have to be Roxanne Shante and Second Left Eye.

6. Who is your audience, and how do you relate to them in your music?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I get Respect from both Genders of all Races, Especially the guys because its like they never heard a female spit as good as I do , so there reactions are wild they be like " daaang sheee TIGHT !" . The Females there just amazed that there's actually somebody out there Speaking for them. Also something that's Crazy to me is I get a Bigger and Positive Responses from Older Adults and Baby Boomers.
7. How are you handling finishing high school and furthering your music career?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I'm actually Home schooled thru an High School called " Rising Star " its an excellent school they make sure I have all the work I need for when I'm doing shows outta state etc , But I'm able to balance my Career and my Education at the same time because I stay focused and determined, plus my parents have a rule for me , if I don't keep my grades up they cut off my Music , so I make I keep all my work complete!
8. What do you hope to accomplish within the next five years of your music career?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: I plan on Receiving an Award for the Number 1 song in the country , and to keep my music always on the Charts and being known around the world . Also that every Record I put out at least somebody. Gets a message.
9. Who is Lil Mizz Sunshyne and why should the world listen to your music?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: Lil Mizz Sunshyne is an extraordinary talented entertainer with a gift that can only be given from God to send Messages to the World . The world should listen to my Music because I do music for everyone not just one age group or one ethnic group.
10. If you had to listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be, and why?

LIL MIZZ SUNSHYNE: The First Album would be my Own, because I never get tired of my own music ! Second would be Lauryn Hills(fugees) album because she such a Phenomenal Artist , and 3rd would be Chris Brown first album because I just LOVE HIM.



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