Friday, January 14, 2011

Interview wwith Reggae/DanceHall Artist RSEENAL

       1. What three words describe dance hall music to you?

Exciting, Colorful  and an Outlet
2. How would you describe Rseenal as an artist?

 I'm best described as a Creative, versatile, hardworking, fun & unpredictable artiste. who is driven and motivated by a purpose and a genuine love for the Arts.
3. What sets you apart from other dance hall and reggae artists out now?

My versatility, as in the ability to adapt to different genres to create my uniqueness coupled with the fact that I am constantly experimenting with the music to bring out different sounds styles & flows
4. What do you wish to do the most with your music?

Influence peoples' minds so I may be able to empower them with my words & ultimately awaken their consciousness socially and spiritually
5. Why do you credit Sizzla Kalonji to be your single greatest musical influence?

Personally I think in the music He articulates the best, his deep love for RasTafari and manage to embed that message into his music regardless of the type of track. In my estimation Sizzla was the first since bob Marley to have had the greatest and most wide spread influence on the minds of many people inside and outside of the Rastafarian community.
6. Being from Kingston, how much do the people and culture of your hometown influence your music?

Not much, I have an eclectic taste for music therefore I am more than the music that comes from Kingston coupled with the fact that I have a wild imagination which takes me beyond my time basically anywhere I need to be in a musical vibe. Therefore, apart from little everyday general cultural, personal, interpersonal & social experience which isn't just isolated to Kingston there isn't really much of a concentrated amount of influence on my music. The world, peoples & life influence my music the most!
7. What is your favorite song that you have ever recorded and why?
             My personal favorite has been 'Humble Beginnings' may be unknown to most! But I cried while writing this record! After coming to a realization that we are being controlled and manipulated by a few rich people in society the so-called elites, it moved me to an uncontrollable emotional state which inspired this track. Humble beginnings also expressed the sentiments of Rastafari coming from an isolated, humbled part of the world to be exhaulted as the Greatest with the Greatest message of Love & resilience! Which if we were to become aware of this mass global manipulation & the influence the "system" have on our natural "livity" then we could be able to unify a common desire to take the first step towards universal equality and global harmony among people and nations; individually and globally.
8. What influences you the most when creating music? 

When creating music I get lost in the riddim! The bass-lines, the riffs, the sneers, the hi-hats, the kicks, the phrases that trigger thoughts from my consciousness and subconsciousness. That could be anything; something I've heard on a bus, read in a book, overheard in a conversation, watched in a movie, experienced in a relationship, it could be anything pricking at my mind at the moment whilst on my journey through the riddim.
9.  In your opinion, what do you think dance hall music as a whole is lacking right now? 
           Dance-hall music is lacking an authenticity. Today's dance-hall music sees an informal industry being monopolized by a few with little to contribute, who also lacks in creativity and exposure but just regurgitates what others before them had contributed and saturate the market with crap! Those limited few are not the true representatives for dance-hall and it forces new talent to follow to get lost in pool of crap! They are just simply the "most promoted" the "highlighted few" in the game where PAYOLA wields its deadly fangs. The dance-hall needs a formal industry with specific standards to level the playing field to some extent to facilitate new talent, growth that is more talent and business oriented! Indigenous Jamaican Dance-hall is being eroded & exploited by fame mongers to a point of extinction!

10.  Why should the world listen to your music?

My music transforms its listeners into a Mighty traveller being taken on a journey into my mind, deeply into the realms of the earth even beyond this world. a journey that is fun and laughter but may cause you to shed a tear,  one that excites you but may also get you frightened and angry. It my take you to dark places in your soul but will enlighten your mind, may soothe and relax you into a sweet dream but will awake your consciousness and spirituality, it may be like a fairy tale but will also thrust you into the harshest of realities! Its a journey with out a boarding pass to flying on the wings of rhythms melodies and words! I regard it as my life's journey therefore, my music embodies all these characteristics. its and adventure!! who wouldn't want to take such a trip?

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