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Free Music Downloads Legally from Mixtape Pass Mixtape: Slap That Mix 4

Da' Hitman kicks off 2012 with volume 4 of the Slap That Mix mixtape series including new music from Rick Ross, TI, Busta Rhymes, Miss B, 40 Cal, and more - featuring the exclusive "Can You Keep Up" record from Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Eclipse. Holla at your favorite DJ and hit me with your feedback. If you're feeling generous and want to get ya favorite DJ a Snickers or a 12-pack of Pepsi or bottle of Amaretto - visit "Thank You DJ".

Cover Model: Anise Tai 
Twitter: @AniseTai Bookings:

01 Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Eclipse - Can U Keep Up
02 Hitman - Slap That Mix
03 Raekwon - Luxury Rap
04 Darq ft D Dave Elus and Young Bugz - Rising 2 The Top
05 Tony Williams ft Fonzworth Bentley and Chip Tha Ripper - Marsha Brady
06 Gengis Khan - Blaze It Up
07 Miss B - U Be a Fan
08 Hitman - Chumps Can’t Fuck With Me
09 Rick Ross ft Stalley - Party Heart
10 TI ft Lady G Spodee - In A Nutshell 
11 Miss B - Up In Da Club
12 Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now
13 TI - Stunt n Like A Fool
14 Chalie Boy - OMG 
15 Rick Ross ft Pharrell - MMG The World Is Ours
16 French Montana ft Ace Hood - U Don’t Hear Me Tho
17 Smoke Bulga ft Lito Dollaz and E Burton - On Deck
18 Chalie Boy - Goin' Goin'
19 Gerreddi - Go Bananas
20 Smoke Bulga ft Lee Boy - I’m Paid
21 Hitman - Don’t Fuck With This DJ
22 CoDizzle - Faded
23 40 Cal ft Ru Spirits - Lienell Jenkins
24 DK of GS Boyz - Sorry
25 40 Cal - Light It Up

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01 @BusaBusss @TWISTAgmg @EclipseDarkness
02 @DaHitman
03 @Raekwon
05 @TWFTonyWilliams @cooloutrageous @Chip216
06 @Gengis24 via @JMorrisCEO
07 @msbhavin
08 @DaHitman
09 @rickyrozay
10 @Tip
11 @msbhavin
12 @BusaBusss
13 @Tip
15 @rickyrozay @Pharrell 
16 @FrencHMonTanA @Acehood
17 @smokebulga 
19 @Gerreddi
20 @smokebulga
21 @DaHitman
22 @Co_dizzle
23 @fortycal
25 @fortycal

DJS: the "No-DJ" version along with the DJ Service Pack for the Busta Rhymes ft Twista and Eclipse "Can You Keep Up" is available for download (free) at Eclipse

If you go back a few days to my "Diggin' in the Crates" post (Pretty Purdie & Funk Factory albums) you can find the source for a large amount of the samples/drums/organ & guitar riffs/etc chopped into this mixtape. I'm always digging in the crates to find dope breaks to twist in the mix so I'm opening a new challenge to everyone: pick any album from any genre and provide the rar/zip link and I will dig through the album and twist it into my next mixtape. Make it challenging though - not a current album, that's too easy. You can tweet your rar/zip link to me @DaHitman - just let me know it's for the challenge.

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