Sunday, November 25, 2012


Rated X Energy Drink was founded early November 2012. Their mission statement “We will provide our drinkers with more than Good Tasting Energy. We will provide them Good Tasting Entertainment as well” speaks for itself. Many Energy Drink companies have come and gone. Many are still around but are losing their popularity amongst their clientele and fans. Rated X Energy Drink Owner/Founder Anthony Beckford (CEO Anthony B) goal is to not only keep the name and integrity of the brand relevant, but he wants people of all backgrounds to enjoy what he is providing them not only with the drink but also in entertainment. With slogans such as “Pure Wet Energy that surpasses your Bedroom Needs” and “Pure Wet Energy that Gives You More than Wings”, there is no mistaking that Rated X Energy Drink will be making a lot of noise very soon. 

                They have had an Un-Official Launch via Social Networks and that has proving to be very positive in their favor. Their next step is to launch publically in Clubs and Events via their “RATED X ENERGY DRINK TOUR PARTIES”, where it has been rumored that we can expect to see Official Rated X Energy Drink Djs, Socialite Hosts and Music Artists as well. You can say this will leave a lasting impression and make you want more.  At first I thought it was too soon, but they proved me wrong when they announced their first “MS. RATED X ENERGY 2012” Competition.  With notable names such as Maliah Michel, Sara Jay, Mariah Milano, Melrose Foxxx, Jayla Starr, Miss Free (formerly of 106&Park), Kim Kardashian and many more being nominated by fans to be this years “MS. RATED X ENERGY”, I can see this brand taking off faster and lasting longer than any other energy drink brand out there.  The winner each year will also be placed on Limited Edition 8.4 fl. Oz. Cans as well as 4 runner ups. So not only, does Rated X Energy cater to the masses, it also caters to the elite.  I don’t know about you, but I can use some of that Rated X Energy right about now. They currently have cases available to sell not only to stores and clubs, but also to individual people as well. Now that’s what a call a Brand that caters to the People. So get yours now, cause I know I will and be sure to check them out below.

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