Friday, January 15, 2016

#PeoplesMonday #MarioWoods #BlackLivesMatter #ReclaimMLK

The Largest Planned March in New York City with Endorsements from various Organizations.

via NYC Shut It Down Facts Team:
On December 2, 2015, Mario Woods was walking down the sidewalk when five police officers from the San Francisco Police Department approachedhim with their weapons drawn. Officers claimed that Mario matched a suspect description for a crime that had been committed earlier in the day.
 (In which he was never confirmed of being the person of interest)

According to video footage, Mario is standing with his back against a concrete wall, completely surrounded by officers who mercilessly opened fire on him, shooting him at least 15 times. Officers say that Mario was holding a knife, but as the first shot is fired, Mario is limping away from the officers and his hands were at his sides.

Earlier this year, a federal probe uncovered that officers from the San Francisco Police Department had been sending racist text messages in which black people were called "monkeys" and "half-breeds." And, on the very day that San Francisco police executed Mario, defendants in a federal drug case accused the department of "engaging in systematic racial bias and sexual harassment toward black residents."

Join us on Monday, January 18th, as we remember #MarioWoods in points throughout #Brooklyn. We stand in solidarity with Mario's family and the #BlackLivesMatter community in #SanFrancisco.

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