Saturday, October 15, 2011

@DEVINEMAGAZINE Exclusive Interview of @EVACAPRI

First of all, we appreciate you taking the time to allow us to interview you.
Now let’s get down and nasty. Lol.
DM: Where are you originally from?
~Detroit, MI baby!
DM: How Long Have you been in this industry as a porn star?
~Independently a little over a year now.
DM: What made you choose this as a career?
~I’ve always loved to model. Eventually I met my partner who told me I had the look &right attitude for porn so I jumped right into it.
DM: Is it safe to say that you are comfortable with yourself sexually?
~Yes lol I love my body and I know how to please ME.
DM: Who did you use to watch in pornos before you became a Porn Star?
~Everyone from Jada Fire, Jesse Jane, Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Misty Stone, Jayla Starr, Melrose Foxx, Pinky to Mr. Marcus, Bella Donna, Roxy Reynolds & more. I love watching interracial, latina & anal scenes
DM: Who do you watch now that you’re a Porn Star? Lol
~I will always watch & study from the greats
DM: (3 Part Question)
What was your first scene like?, Who was it with?, What positions and new experiences did you try?
~My first girl/girl scene was with pornstar Janea Jolie. We tried a few positions but my favorite was ass-to-ass with a two-headed dildo. It was kinky fun!
DM: What was your best scene and with who?
~I am still getting my feet wet in the industry so the best is yet to come ;)
DM: Any current projects going on? If so,  What and with who?
~ I am working on the blueprints for the re-design for my site, so excited!
DM: Have you ever tried Anal? If so, How was it and would you ever do it again?
~I am working on it lol. If I decide to it of course members of site will get to see it first.
DM: What are your turn ons and turn offs?
~Turn-ons money, shopping, good hygiene, strength, intelligence, confidence/swag to name a few. Turn-offs all of the opposites
DM: Who would you like to work with next in your next shoot?
~ I am currently working on getting a few scenes with Tia Ling, Jayla Diamond & Sara Jay.
DM: Do you own any toys? If so, what kinds and how often do you use them?
~Owning a toy/dildo is a must-have for any girl lol. They get used quite often, like 2-3 times a week.
DM: What was the most public place you’ve had sex?
~In a public park & on a balcony 15 stories up…super-hot!
DM: Giving Oral or Getting Oral?
~Mmmm both!
DM: What can we expect from you in the future?
~Expect to see more collaborations with your favorite web & pornstars. I will be introducing more up & coming fetish and pornstars on my site. In the near future expect to see more exchange scenes of me with girls who have websites. I also want to become a published model in the hottest national & independent magazines and eventually have features in TV and in movies.
What is your twitter so that our readers can follow you?
DM: Do you have a site? If so, what is the link address?
Well again, Thank You for taking the time to do this interview with us here at DEVINE MAGAZINE. Make sure you follow us on twitter and tell your followers to do the same.

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